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GOOD GIRLS REVOLT: When the Past Become Modern

Good Girls Revolt

I had been seeing ads all over my Facebook for Good Girls Revolt. As someone who loves 60’s history and fashion, I decided to give this show a look. It’s available for streaming on Amazon Prime! I  began watching the show prior to the election, but after the election it became all the more relevant. I’m sure it’s heavy marketing adjacent to the Hillary Clinton campaign was no accident. It is really sad that females are still fighting for equal rights in the workplace.

Photo Still from Good Girls Revolt

It’s not my history dork speaking (Well maybe it is), but I am in love with this show! The series begins near the era Mad Men left off, during the end of 1969, and transitions into early 1970.  Inspired by the book of the same name, the show centers around Patti Robinson (Genevieve Angelson), Jane Hollander (Anna Camp), Cindy Reston (Erin Darke), and the researchers of New York magazine News of the Week. Patti has a dream to become a reporter, but due to the sexist attitudes of the leadership at the publication, Patti and her comrades are relegated to the sidelines- forced to bask in the shadows of the reporters even though they are the main reason for the magazine’s success. The revolution is sparked after Nora Ephron (Grace Gummer), quits her job at News of the Week due to being denied the ability to write because of her gender.

Patti and Cindy begin attending a “consciousness” group that is lead by ACLU lawyer Eleanor Holmes Norton (Joy Bryant). Eleanor encourages the women to file a complaint to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) concerning News of the Week’s unfair practices. While planning to file the complaint, the women are each transformed, realizing their worth and true purpose.

I love how this show explores feminism overall. The women, though with different goals and personalities, come together to reach a common goal- to fight for equal rights. Each woman is strong and endearing in her own way. Patti is the ringleader: a free-spirit, and the glue that brings all the women together. She is not afraid to back down from her dreams,and goes to any length for a story. Cindy is an unlikely leader, discovering who she truly is, and gains the confidence to not only join the women’s movement, but also leave her toxic marriage. Over the course of the season, Cindy evolves from this run of the mill housewife, to this fearless, empowered woman. In the biggest turn of events, Jane transforms from an aspiring housewife, to a full-fledged career woman and spokesperson of the movement. Jane, pampered from birth, decides to make her own way, and wants to help others like herself. The supporting women are amazing too. Each character in this show is given a purpose, and they handle it well. In light of recent events, and of my personal journey, this show was something that was well needed, and I am feeling pretty empowered.

If you love history, love positive female-centered shows, and just awesome television overall, I recommend this show 100 percent! I’m looking forward to a second season!

The only way any of us are gonna break out of this box is if we stand together. Because when the second class citizens of the world stand with each other, not against each other, that’s how you change the world.– GGR



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