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Film Campaigns to Watch: DADDY’S PLAYGROUND

In a time where authentic relationships are hard to cultivate, many working people have resorted to uses the internet and social media to not necessarily find the “One” but the one for right now. Especially in the case of the wealthy elite in Los Angeles, there is not much time for a typical girlfriend (or boyfriend). The rich and lonely are looking for company for just a little while- from some pretty young thing. Women, have you ever thought about being a sugar baby for the sake of paying the bills? What do you think of it? Are you exploiting yourself, or have you figured a way to exploit a system that has perpetrated women? You decide.

Inspired by real experiences, the short film Daddy’s Playground explores the life of millennial sugar babies from their perspective. A rare view of unconventional relationships from the female point of view, Daddy’s Playground plans to take audiences on a ride on a night of vengeance. It’s a dark, comedic commentary about how two women take back control over their lives and bodies from a misogynist system.

The aesthetics of this film remind me of a dark pop music video with it’s surreal Los Angeles nightscapes, beautiful people, and neon-washed sets, and it’s no surprise as to why when I saw who was behind it. The film is written, produced, and starring up-and-coming filmmakers Ashley Morgan and Boni Mata. It is directed by Mitch DeQuilettes who’s work includes short films and music videos featuring Childish Gambino, The Weeknd, and Frank Ocean, among many others. Lastly, the film will showcase performances from Francesca Eastwood, Karim Saleh, and Tzef Montana.

Daddy’s Playground has six days remaining to crowdfund the film! Be sure to show your support! It will be released later on this year!



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