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Redefining virginity one song at a time…

What does lexical gap mean? It’s a term I’ve never heard of before now. In reference to good old Wikipedia, it is “a word or other form that does not exist in some language but which would be permitted by the grammatical rules of the language.” In simpler terms, it’s a word in any language that simply doesn’t exist to describe something.

Photo Courtesy of Lexical Gap on Kickstarter

According to producer Laura Noxon and director Yoko Okumura of the film derived the same phrase, there is no term for someone who has lost their virginity. And so…it is considered a lexical gap. I never really thought of that. Sure there are virgins, but what are you when you’re no longer a virgin? An ex-virgin? A normal person? This realization proves that society places “virginity” on a pedestal and purity is a myth. The concept of “virginity” is a harmful one, especially for young women.

As someone with a previously religious background, I was deeply excited about this project. From an early age, I’ve been taught that my “virginity” was the most valuable thing I could offer (in regards to a relationship). So what about intelligence, loyalty, love, and all those other important things? For years, I’ve had my fears and doubts, and I am still working to overcome them.

In Lexical Gap, punk singer Lex is out “on a mission to redefine the meaning of virginity” through her music. Reflecting on her past, Lex seeks to tell her story and empower womyn-kind. Sounds like a pretty great punk musical. The film features musical collaborations with Ihui Wu of Polartropica, producer C.M. Rodriguez, Michelle of Miss Jupiter, and vocal recording by Alexander Noice.

Lexical Gap has already completed principal photographer but needs additional funding for additional scenes and filmmaking expenses to complete the film.

Best of luck and looking forward to Lexical Gap! It’s expected release is in summer of 2018.


Campaign page and trailer: Kickstarter


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