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Film Campaigns to Watch: How the Moon Fell From the Sky

A whimsical, hopeful film centered around a queer romance…

I’m so excited for my second film campaign! My latest campaign is How the Moon Fell From the Sky and No One Noticed. It is currently raising funds for post-production. There are still nine days until the close of the campaign, and every bit counts to helping this film with festival submission fees, visual effects, licensing fees, and other expenses.

A unique concept, How the Moon Fell From the Sky aims to showcase queer romance in a highly stylized musical setting. Its style is influenced by old Hollywood musicals and the French New Wave. It has a hopeful, magical atmosphere that is well-needed in LGBT films. How the Moon Feel From the Sky follows the story of two friends- Benji and Ruben as they decide to make a film together. Their relationship is pushed to the limit.

Photo Courtesy of film campaign page

This film aims to show the LGBT youth and beyond “that their dreams are worth pursuing, that all bad things come to an end, and that not even the sky is the limit.” This is a great message that I am looking forward to seeing.

With a huge amount of promise, the most stunning thing about this film is the fact that the entire cast and crew, and the live orchestra were all high school students during production! The film was written by Jack Fosset- now a current student at NYU Tisch, and directed by Christina Xing- who is now a student at ArtCenter. The film’s Director of Photography- Shane Bagwell is also a student at NYU Tisch. The stars of the film are Peter Caroll (Benji), Nick Trivisonno (Ruben), and Kat Wanger (Maya). Best of luck to the entire cast and crew! I can tell they are going to be industry shakers.

How the Moon Fell From the Sky and No One Noticed will be released in 2018.

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