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A Look towards 2018

I have to say, 2017 has been a rough year for a lot of people- myself included. In the long-term, I can look at it as a year of personal growth. Honestly, I’ve been a little bit of a hermit this year- mainly working and retreating to my home. I haven’t really lived life too much- or put myself out there. It’s mainly been a cycle of working and paying my expenses. I had a couple moments throughout the year, but they were few and far in between. And yes, there were moments where I considered leaving California, and I had altered my goals so many times in order to accommodate something a bit more safe. In the end, I’m still in the same place- and I know I shouldn’t still be there. There was a bit of embarrassment when people asked: “What do you do?”. I’m still figuring it out as I go along.

There were some highlights such as attending Sundance, seeing my sister graduate from high school, and going on my first cruise with family. In 2018 though, I want to do so much more. I want to take more risks, and put myself out there. I realized life is too short to “work” all the time, and that you don’t always have to take the safe option. I’m a planner, so I like to have my ducks in a row before I do something, but I’ve been trying to loosen the reigns and just go with my instincts more. Maybe waiting for the “right” time isn’t always right. I really hate not knowing where my life is going. It scares me so much, but sometimes you just have to take a leap.

Right now, I am a board member for Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival, an organization that showcases women in film (Check me out the page here!). It is something that I am so happy to be a part of because it’s somewhere that aligns with my values and sentiments about the entertainment industry. Since it’s still growing, I have been very hands on with social media, planning, and marketing! We will be going to Pheonix, Arizona for the third edition of the festival on September 1st! Les Femmes is also a non-profit organization that aims to promote arts and literacy. In March, we are launching the Books for Babes initiative. We are currently fundraising by crowdfunding,  film screenings, and other events. We will be distributing feminist books to young disadvantaged women in the Los Angeles area. We’ve been operating jointly out of the Los Angeles area and San Diego (I haven’t moved yet.).

Also, something else to look forward is turning 25. I’ll be a quarter of a century old. I guess at this age I can be excited about car insurance going down and being old enough to rent a car. In March, I’ll be going on another cruise- this time a Star Wars themed cruise with Disney. That will be exciting! I’ll get to tour through Mexico, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and the Bahamas!

Like I stated earlier, I hope to get so much more accomplished this year. I have a feeling it will be an exciting one! Here are my 2018 resolutions:

  1. Finally move to LA: I have put this off for some time, but I am looking at late spring. Yes, I have had a few setbacks, but I don’t plan on letting them hold me back anymore. I’ve been putting money away, and trying to work on the logistics of job hunting. In the upcoming two months, I am going to start firing up my resume again and putting myself into the job hunt arena.
  2. Continue my weight loss journey: So far, I have lost over 24 pounds since September. I started at 207.2 lbs, and I am currently 183 (as of January 2nd). My goal weight is 140. I really want to focus on a more plant-based, whole foods diet.
  3. Start writing a book about women in the entertainment business: A passion of mind is intersectional gender equality in the film industry. Something I have noticed in my reading of entertainment books, there aren’t a lot of books about the corporate side of Hollywood. I really want to create a book that focuses on that and the unsung heroines that aren’t known to the general public. Some hurdles I need to jump are finding people to interview with.
  4. See more films: As a writer, I have a goal to see more movies. Some critics see hundreds of films- I didn’t even reach a quarter of that, even though I felt I saw more. It’s important for me to see different kinds of films and expand my experiences. I’m actually quite selective, and I need to open my mind- because you never know when you might find a hidden gem.
  5. Support more films: Every now and then, I will support films that speak to me. I search crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo, Seed & Spark, and Kickstarter. I love seeing people’s campaigns succeed and it breaks my heart when they don’t. I want to support so much more than I do. I will aim for a minimum of 25 for the year.
  6. Put myself out there: I have been a huge hermit this year. For career and for personal well-being, it’s always to meet new people. In 2017, I kept to myself a little bit too much. Whether it be going to an open mic night, or just actually talking to people at networking events- I want to do it.

Other than that, that’s all I have. I want to keep it simple(ish). Hope 2018 is a good one and best of wishes! See you next post!

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Adriana is a twenty-something Marketing Coordinator and Content Writer living in San Diego. Her passions are films (of course), writing, social justice, bargain hunting, and carbs. The Franco brothers are to her what Morris Day and the Time are to Jay and Silent Bob. She plans on moving to Los Angeles in March of 2018.

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